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Silicone Antifoam (DZ-8020)


Silicone Antifoam (DZ-8020) is highly effective and durable silicone antifoam emulsion specially is excellent compatible with other liquid products. Its features is highly efficient at low concentration levels, easy dispersibility , Fast foam knockdown, Neither toxin nor corrosiveness and Stability to a side range of temperature conditions.


Parameter Value
Appearance Creamy White
Emulsifier Type Nonionic
Specific gravity 0.98-1.01
Active Ingredient 241%
PH 7-9
Antifoam time 30s
As% No stratification
1. Add into Dyeing Aids, Starch processing, Soap Manufacturing, Detergent and Roll Sheet-iron Grease Removal Process as a defoamer.
2. Water treatment, industrial recycle water, pulp washing process, chemical washing

Packaging Information and Storage:
Silicone Antifoam (DZ-8020) is available in 25kg, 50kgand 200kg drum, net weight Conversion Factors: 1kg=2.20462 pounds. When stared at or below temperature 0-40 in the original unopened drum this product has a usable life of 12 months from the data of shipment.

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